A Guide to Proper Hearing Aid Home Care

by | 02/13/2020 | Hearing Aid Repairs, Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

Hearing aids are a significant investment for most of us, to make sure that they stay in optimal working order, proper maintenance and cleaning is necessary. As an audiologist, I strive to provide a “part of the family” level of care, meaning I want to make sure that my patients are getting the most benefit from their hearing aids.

By creating a habitual cleaning routine, you can rest assured knowing that your hearing aids are working their best for years to come. This guide will provide tips and cleaning steps for the most common types of hearing aids we offer.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you develop a proper cleaning routine and good habits:

  • Have the right cleaning tools handy: a brush and a wax pick are key to proper cleaning. Some hearing aids even come with a multi-tool containing both of these, along with other convenient features.
  • Insert your hearing aids as the last step to your morning routine. Leave them out when showering or washing your face and using hair products. Water and chemicals are a hearing aid’s worst enemy.
  • Don’t expose your devices to extreme temperatures. Leave them in the house when shoveling snow or taking a dip on a hot day instead of in your pocket or on an outside table.
  • Clean your hearing aids before bed. By cleaning them out at night, this gives the devices a chance to air out completely while you’re sleeping, letting lingering moisture evaporate. Also, clean your hearing aids over a soft cloth or towel, so if you drop them, they are less likely to break.
  • If your hearing aids have removable batteries, take them out and leave the compartment open overnight to help with airing them out.

Cleaning in the Ear Hearing Aids

  1. Using a dry cloth, wipe the surface of your device to clear away wax and build up. Often, your hearing aids will come with a soft cloth for this purpose. Do not use any water, solvents, cleaning fluids, or alcohol to clean your hearing aids as this could damage them.
  2. Use a brush to clear the wax from the openings of your device. Insert to brush and gently twist for the most effective cleaning.
  3. Check the wax filter and replace it if needed.

For a video on proper cleaning, check out Oticon’s tutorial.

Cleaning Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

  1. With a dry cloth, often included with your purchase, wipe and clear the speaker unit and shell. Do not use any water, solvents, cleaning fluids, or alcohol as this can cause damage.
  2. If your hearing aid came with an earmold, wipe it with a dry cloth as well. If your device has silicone dome tips that cover the speaker unit, do not clean these, replace them monthly or as needed.
  3. Inspect the thin, clear tube for blockages and clear them with a brush or bulb blower. This can also be done if you notice any noise distortion.
  4. Check the wax filter and replace it necessary.

If you need any assistance with cleaning or maintenance of your hearing aids, contact one of our expert staff members at All About Hearing. Our passion is making you feel like you are part of the All About Hearing family.

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