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1 in 8 Americans have some form of hearing loss according to a recent health report, yet only a small percentage of these people will ever treat their hearing loss.

The biggest challenge with recognizing hearing loss is that it’s like ageing – day-by-day you do not notice any differences, it’s gradual and slow but only when you compare to years previous do you realize the substantial difference.

It’s the key reason why our loved ones are often the people that notice our hearing loss before we do and it’s one of the key reasons why we’re so passionate about educating and offering patients support to make the right decisions, whether for themselves or for a loved one.

If you believe you’re experiencing the initial signs of hearing loss – conversations in noisy places are becoming more difficult and you’re feeling older than you are in social situations – then the first step is to have a hearing assessment to determine whether you have a hearing loss.

A comprehensive hearing assessment is quick, non-invasive, and friendly as you experience our “Family Level of Care” – if you have any questions or would like to check availability in our schedule, then you can call us at 432-689-2220.


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How We Can Help

Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

With the alarming statistics suggesting that the average person waits seven years to treat their hearing loss from it first being noticed, it’s so important to have your hearing tested as soon as possible – the earlier a hearing loss is caught, the better it can be treated and cared for. Through a comprehensive hearing assessment, our team can test your exact level of hearing and diagnose whether you have a hearing loss.

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

With incredible advancements in hearing technology, including the latest “Smart Technology” – the latest hearing aids are very different to the clunky devices you may have memories of – the latest technology is practically invisible, very small, and boasts incredibly smart application of specific tones that you’re missing, allowing you to regain the ability to clearly hear.

Helping You to Maximize Your Insurance Benefits

We often find that patients are unsure to what their insurance will cover them for, whether a simple hearing assessment or best-in-class hearing technology. That’s why we work with you, speak to your insurance company, and help you to maximize your insurance benefits.

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It’s often the small questions and concerns that hold us back from making positive decisions – especially when it comes to your hearing health.

That’s why we offer no-obligation friendly calls to help answer those questions, whether on behalf of yourself or a loved one.

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