Patient Stories

Susan Weaverling, All About Hearing 4 u patient


“A good place to come to.”

Susan was already a seasoned hearing aid wearer when she visited All About Hearing 4 U. So she didn’t have any major concerns – she was just seeking exceptional hearing care.

Following her appointment, Susan was very satisfied. She says, “I love Brian. He helps me and explains everything to me.”

After searching for a trustworthy hearing professional for so long, Susan acknowledges that All About Hearing 4 U is “a good place to come to.”

She gives All About Hearing 4 U a 10/10 rating and encourages others to pay them a visit. Susan adds, “Can’t find a better place to go to. I have been to three different places and this is the best.”

– Susan Weaverling

Jerry Keeney, All About Hearing 4 u patient


“You will have a pleasant experience.”

Although Jerry knew he had a hearing loss, his life seemed untouched by it … until one day.

Jerry recalls, “My hearing has been diminished for years and never thought it was hindering my life. When I could no longer have a conversation in a crowd, I realized I needed help.”

Prior to visiting All About Hearing 4 U, he says that the “price was my biggest concern.”

Jerry’s first appointment was a positive experience for him. “It was during covid and the staff was very well prepared for patients.”

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment and a thorough conversation about his hearing needs and lifestyle, Jerry was fitted with hearing aids.
He believes it was all worth it. Jerry says his new hearing aids have “helped tremendously.” He explains, “I can now have conversations and don’t have to crank up the TV volume.”

Giving All About Hearing 4 U a 10/10 rating, he hopes others will make an appointment. “Try them,” says Jerry. “I’m sure you will have a pleasant experience.”

– Jerry Keeney

(James) Gary Smith, All About Hearing 4u patient


“I was impressed right from the start.”

James knew he had a hearing loss. However, finding a hearing care provider he felt comfortable with was proving difficult.

Recalling his hearing predicament, James says, “It was gradual, but time and a real hearing test assured me that I have hearing loss. I had already visited someone else that was 100% hard sell, regardless of my comfort level. I was ready for a positive change.”

Following his initial appointment at All About Hearing 4 U, he says, “I was impressed right from the start. Brian took an interest in my case from the get go! I appreciated the non-hard sell approach he took. It was refreshing from what I had experienced prior.”

Overall, James is happy with his new hearing aids. “They have made a positive influence in my life,” he says. “I admit, I don’t wear them all the time, but when I do, I can hear much better and am missing less than before.”

James gives All About Hearing 4 U a 10/10 rating. When asked what advice he would give to others who are seeking help for their hearing loss, he says, “I would encourage them to see them. I would explain my story to them and encourage them to call AAH.”

– (James) Gary Smith

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