One of my patients recently complained that dealing with technology gives him a headache. I often have the same experience.

The latest issue with tech giant Apple’s simultaneous iPhone 12 and iOS 14 software update have contributed to plenty of tech-caused headaches for my All About Hearing patients.

Because some of our hearing aid wearers have purchased the new iPhone 12, they struggle to connect their hearing aids to their new device.

Out of frustration, many of them have contacted All About Hearing with complaints that their hearing aids need fixing. By walking through the issues and the response we expect from Apple, I hope to provide my patients with some clarification and peace of mind.

Bluetooth and iPhone 12 Pairing Issue

New iPhone 12 users complain that they are experiencing problems when using Bluetooth to pair their new smartphone to various other devices. The problem is how the new iPhone 12 functions using the latest iOS 14 software update.

Users registering their complaints in Apple’s discussion forum are shedding light on the issue by reporting that the pairing issues do not occur when using the iOS 14 iPhone 11 Pro or an older model smartphone. This leaves the iPhone 12 as the sole culprit.

Hearing aid users are affected by this issue as they attempt to link their hearing aids to their iPhone 12.

The Specific Problem with Hearing Aid Pairing

Those using Bluetooth to pair their hearing aids to their new iPhone report static and distorted sound from their hearing instruments. Complaints include uncomfortably loud sounds during phone calls and a weak connection between the smartphone and hearing aids, which is sometimes lost in either ear or both ears.

Apple’s iOS 13 software update in the fall of 2019 generated similar Bluetooth connectivity issues for hearing aid wearers with iPhone 11 smartphones.

Since this issue was only a year old, it appears that Apple dropped the ball when working out the bugs of their recent simultaneous release.

How Will Apple Respond?

No doubt there is a long laundry list of bugs and faults for the tech giant to sort through on the heels of releasing a new device with a software update.

The fact that the issue continues to persist indicates that the bugs were not worked out in the recent release of the iOS 14.2 update, though many users had expected it to be addressed.

According to the tech giant, solving issues involving their Made for iPhone hearing devices is high on their list for future iOS 14 software updates.

While Apple sorts out their issues, All About Hearing patients hoping to enjoy the advantages of pairing their hearing aids with their new iPhone 12 will be left wanting, but you can rest knowing that the problems you are experiencing are not due to your hearing aids being broken.

Troubleshooting Support Is Available from All About Hearing

Given the power to solve the problem on Apple’s behalf, the All About Hearing team and I would work hard to develop a solution for our patients, but we haven’t been contacted to help, so we will keep on doing what we do best.

We have the best equipment and the highest level of expertise in the Permian Basin to help troubleshoot your hearing devices, regardless of whether you are new to our service or one of our existing patients. If you need cleaning, regular maintenance, and/or hearing aid repairs, we’re eager to help Midland-Odessa hearing aid users continue to receive the benefits provided by their devices.

Contact us to take advantage of the hearing aid services we provide.

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