Hear Better Program

Introducing the ‘Hear Better Program’ – A Simple Way to Receive Professional Audiological Care for Your Existing Hearing Devices

There are many prescription hearing aid wearers that have devices that are delivering below-par performance.

This is usually because of one of the following three reasons:

1) Your hearing devices are overdue for a professional clean, meaning that they have become “clogged up” and their ability to amplify sound is dramatically decreased.
2) Your level of hearing has continued to change and unless your devices have been regularly reprogrammed to your up-to-date hearing test, they are now causing more problems than they’re solving.
3) Your devices are overdue for a repair and have parts no longer working as they should, which means that your ears and your brain are having to work harder to achieve the results for which your hearing aids were designed.

If the above rings true, then the “Hear Better Program” was designed specifically for you.

Hear Better Program by All About Hearing

How Does the ‘Hear Better Program’ Work and What is Included?

Nobody should have to go on the journey to better hearing alone. That’s why our “Hear Better Program” allows you to have the ongoing support of a hearing care expert who “has got your back.”

This ensures that your devices are well maintained, your hearing health is prioritized, and you have the support of Midland’s hearing care experts.

This includes:

#1 - Loyalty, Whenever You Need Us

Sometimes emergencies can’t wait, and it’s vital that you speak with a specialist as soon as possible.

Our team understands the urgency of your concerns and how important your hearing aids are to your everyday communication. With our program, you will get access to our repair specialists within 72 hours, allowing us to quickly address and solve any of your worries.

#2 - Complimentary Prescription Hearing Aid Supplies

To ensure your prescription hearing aid preserves its longevity, our team will stock you with extra supplies to last you for many months such as batteries, domes, and filters.

This allows you to give your hearing aid a full clean and revamp without having to travel into the office.

#3 - Annual Automatic Updates

Technology is constantly improving, and you will expect to see a significant improvement in your hearing following an upgrade to your device.

As we are passionate believers in providing you with the best, annual hearing aid reprogramming and software updates are a core part of our service. This allows you to stay up to date with technological advancements and continue to be astounded by the capabilities of your device.

You will also get discounted rates on future technology updates!

#4 - Loaner Hearing Aid

It can be especially distressing if you go without your vital piece of technology which you depend on so much. Should your hearing aid go missing or break, you will receive a loaner hearing device within 72 hours to cover the days you go without.

Above all, this ensures you are never deprived of your essential hearing.

No matter what happens in the world, you will remain the center of ours as you will receive full support and ongoing care.

What’s the Investment?

To have the ongoing support of local hearing care experts as part of the “Hear Better Program” – the investment is simply $1.00 per day – $365 per year.

This includes everything outlined, will ensure that your hearing devices are working to their best performance and that your long-term hearing health is the number one priority.

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