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Are your ears feeling a bit stuffy, are sounds or voices muted, or your ears are aching? If so, there’s a good chance you are experiencing impacted earwax.

Although earwax (cerumen) is nature’s way of cleaning your ears by attracting and capturing dirt, dust and anything else that might be trapped inside your ears, it can build up and become impacted.

Dizziness, balance problems, headaches, ear pain, and sudden hearing loss, as well as infections, are all common symptoms related to impacted earwax, often necessitating professional earwax extraction.

Believe it or not, the most common cause of impacted earwax comes from people using cotton swabs or some other object (it scares us to imagine what) to remove their own earwax, making things worse by pushing it farther down the ear canal.

For safe, professional earwax removal in Midland, get in touch with an earwax removal expert at All About Hearing and start prioritizing your hearing healthcare today.

Brian Martin performing earwax blockage removal

Several Common Myths Related to Earwax Removal

Over the years, we’ve heard plenty of myths, misconceptions, and treatment suggestions our patients use when it comes to removing their own earwax. To set the record straight and encourage you to seek professional help, we’d like to respond to several of the most common ones.

Myth #1 – My ears make too much earwax!

Your ears make exactly the amount of earwax you need. Removing it too often, signals the cells that produce earwax to step up production because your ear canal is getting too dry. Ear cleaning should only be required for the outer ear alone.

Myth #2 – Cotton swabs are perfect for safe earwax removal

Not only are they not perfect for removing earwax, they can be dangerous. What you’re more apt to do is push the earwax farther down the ear canal until it becomes impacted. In addition to packing it against the eardrum where it can cause infection, you run the risk of piercing your eardrum if you get too aggressive.

Myth #3 – There are some great earwax blockage removal tips in online videos

If you’re knitting a sweater, making a pecan pie, building a dollhouse, or checking out product reviews, online videos are a great place to get advice and guidance, but they’re rarely produced by healthcare or hearing care professionals. Skip the online video tips for removing your own earwax so you don’t make things worse or cause permanent damage to your ears. Instead, trust our earwax extraction specialists to handle it safely.

Myth #4 – My ears will sort things out for themselves

During the process of chewing and talking, earwax travels to the outer ear where it falls out on its own or is easy to wipe away. However, if you’re experiencing ear pain, muted sound, and stuffiness, those are signs that something is wrong and you’ll need some help from an earwax removal expert who can provide professional earwax extraction safely and effectively without doing any damage to your ears.

What Happens During An Earwax Removal Appointment?

At All About Hearing, we’ve been helping people with cerumen removal for many years. We’re specially trained to perform safe earwax removal, and we’re happy to say that we have been able to remove earwax in most cases without having to refer the person to someone else.

#1 – We Welcome You to Our Office

Our comfortable waiting room is full of magazines and toys for children and adults of all ages in order to help you relax and make you feel at home. Our friendly staff will greet you and get anything you need while you wait, and then walk you to the office when it’s your turn to see the audiologist.

#2 – We’ll Talk About What’s Happening with Your Ears

We’re a bit chatty at times, because we enjoy getting to know our patients, but we’ll get to talking about your earwax blockage as well as any other ear or hearing health needs you might have, just to make sure we’re covering all of your hearing care bases.

#3 – We Look Into Your Ears

We don’t just go straight to digging around inside your ear. We’ll make use of our Earigator to take a look inside your ear canal, making it easier to see what’s going on inside your ear canal to see what we’re up against and develop a plan for targeted removal.

#4 – We Get Rid of All That Earwax

Most of the time, your ears just need a little warm water to soften up the earwax blockage and flush it out, which is why we use our Earigator for safe earwax extraction. There are some rare cases when earwax is a bit stubborn, so we’ll use a curette to reach in and scoop out any impacted earwax that needs extra help.

#5 – You’ll Experience a Heavenly Feeling of Relief!

We don’t know exactly what heaven feels like, but some of our patients would describe the relief from stuffiness, muted sounds, and aching as being “heavenly.”
Brian Martin Performaning Earwax Removal With Earigator at All About Hearing 4u

The Earigator Is a Safe Earwax Removal Method Used by a Doctor

Our patients actually enjoy the earwax blockage removal process when we use our Earigator, which is a highly effective and pain free way of removing earwax that has brought relief to tens of thousands of patients, with no adverse effects reported.

What you’ll feel is warm water massaging your ear throughout the process, while it brings you relief from earwax pain and you won’t experience any lingering pain that sometimes comes as a result of using traditional methods.

Earigator is the easiest, safest, and most effective means of cerumen removal.

It was designed by an Otologist who combined the functions of an otoscope with an irrigation system to come up with one of the most advanced means of cerumen control with the least amount of discomfort, if any at all.

The Earigator encourages those who wear hearing aids, use earplugs, or frequently struggle with impacted earwax to schedule regular professional earwax removal appointments before aching, stuffiness, muted sound, and ringing in the ears become a problem.

The Earigator is our first option for attacking earwax buildup and impacted earwax at All About Hearing for safer, more effective removal and ear cleaning, with the highest level of comfort for our patients.

Features of the Earigator Earwax Removal System:

  • Self-contained temperature control keeps the water at body temperature to eliminate any caloric or vertigo side effects.
  • Pressure regulation allows for the removal of impacted earwax without endangering the eardrum.
  • LED illumination with magnification allows your audiologist a better view of what’s going on inside your ear canal for more effective, targeted earwax removal.
  • Most treatments can be accomplished in three to five minutes.

Before and After the Removal of Earwax

Before and after professional earwax removal and ear cleaning at All About Hearing inside the ear image

Schedule Your Earwax Removal Appointment

Our earwax removal experts are here to make sure your hearing system is working as it should, which includes the natural cleaning process performed by earwax. But when you need some relief from impacted earwax, we’re eager to help provide the relief you need through professional and safe ear cleaning and earwax removal.

If you have any questions or concerns about earwax removal for you or someone you love, use the adjacent from to schedule a professional earwax removal appointment and get the relief you need ASAP.

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