Meet Rosie M. Matta

Rosie M. Matta is a wife and mother of 4 kids and a native to West Texas. She graduated from Pecos High School (PHS) in 1992 and attended Odessa College. 

Working as a patient care coordinator for Dr. Sally Miranda, alongside the other great women who have real compassion and want to improve the lives of our patients at All About Hearing Inc., makes her feel like we are making a difference in our small corner of the world.

She worked as a pharmacy tech for Medical Center Hospital and Evans Pharmacy in Odessa until she had her second child, and eventually stopped working to raise her growing family. She homeschooled her children, which she considers the most rewarding challenge of her life. It allowed her family to experience life, travel to many places, but most importantly, it helped open the eyes of her children to see those in need. 

Two of her children are in college, one majoring in Hebrew, and the other one plans on becoming a geologist. The younger two are in their high school years. Their Messianic Jewish faith is the center of their lives. Her husband serves as an elder of their congregation, and she serves as the director of youth education. The older children also serve by leading our Sabbath liturgical services with the Hebrew prayers.

Their lives are busy but so enriched by community life, fellowship, teaching, and serving in many capacities.  Her hobbies include traveling abroad, especially to Israel, reading, and drinking coffee!

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