Does Cigna Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

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To help you understand your coverage, I’ve put together a concise article that will help those with a Cigna Insurance policy.

When I first fit someone with a new pair of hearing aids, they often can’t believe the difference.

It’s not just the sounds of the wind gently rustling through the trees and the hum of traffic that suddenly come back to them.

It’s also precious sounds – such as the voices of the grandchildren and loved ones – which let them experience their life to its fullest again.

Over 40 million Americans currently have a hearing condition, with the numbers predicted to almost double by 2060, making it extremely common.

But sadly, not everyone finds it easy to make the crucial decision to speak to an audiologist when they first notice that they have hearing loss symptoms, while their condition worsens.

And one of the biggest reasons for this is that they’re unsure whether their insurance plan will cover the need for potential treatments.

Why not let our experts do the hard work?

This is understandable, as insurance plans can be a minefield. But to help you understand your coverage, I’ve put together a concise article that will help those with a Cigna Insurance policy.

Medicare Coverage Issues

As many as one in three people between 65 and 74 in the US have some form of a condition, the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) shows.

In addition, half of the 75 year-old population are likely to have a hearing loss that should be treated with hearing aids. This means that most people who have a hearing loss are of an age when they can receive Medicare coverage.

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover either hearing aid fittings or the cost of hearing aids themselves. But, if you have an insurance policy, it’s possible to get the supplementary assistance with this much needed investment.

Cigna-HealthSpring Advantage (HMO)

With Cigna’s health maintenance organization (HMO), you can select doctors, specialists, and facilities from its network of providers.

Furthermore, with the HealthSpring Advantage network, your coverage will include $700 in funds per ear, every three years, and a free routine hearing exam each year.

You can also opt for care with a provider outside of Cigna’s network, but this might limit your coverage.

Cigna-HealthSpring Preferred (PPO)

Cigna also offers an alternative – their HealthSpring plan, which is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurance plan.

This also provides the same $700 in funds per ear, every three years, and also offers free annual standard hearing exam coverage. However, the PPO plan is far less restrictive, letting you have more options when it comes to your choice of specialists and facilities.

That being said, there remain extra costs that you might incur for choosing an option that exists outside of the Cigna’s network for care.

Exclusive Provider Network (EPOs)

You can also get an exclusive provider network (EPO) plan via Cigna. These are more flexible when compared to HMO and PPO plans. However, they also include out-of-pocket expenses if you would like to receive care from outside of the plan’s network.

You can receive hearing aid treatments via Cigna’s EPO plan. But your coverage may be different depending on your location and also if hearing care and treatment were options that had been added to your plan.

Why Not Let Us Help You?

As I’ve shown, the process of finding exactly where you stand on hearing aid treatments and coverage is not always easy.

So why not take the assistance of our dedicated insurance experts at All About Hearing, who can help you to get the most out of your personal plan?

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With one quick phone call, you’ll have peace of mind on exactly where you stand with your hearing care coverage moving forward.

If you have concerns or just want to find out more information, simply give us a call at 432-689-2220, and we’ll do all the hard work for you!

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