149 Curbside Checks and 81 Hearing Aid Adjustments – How We Responded to COVID-19

by | 06/02/2020 | Curbside Appointments, News, Patient Resources

Covid 19 infographic

The coronavirus pandemic has become a global issue. People not just in America, but around the world, have had to adapt to a series of tough new challenges.

In Midland, TX, we witnessed first-hand the unimaginable disruption the virus can cause to people’s lives. But from the outset, we felt it was our duty to maintain high-quality hearing care services whatever the situation. Today, everyone at All About Hearing is proud of our achievements.

We began by immediately enforcing new, CDC and US government approved protocols for cleanliness and hygiene. This ensured we could keep providing advanced hearing care treatment throughout the initial lockdown period in Texas.

Our next step was to create a completely new service overnight – curbside drop-off and pick-up assistance. This allowed our patients to receive hearing aid inspections and technical help while remaining safe and secure in their vehicles.

We also developed a home delivery and mailing system, so those in the community could continuously receive their hearing aid supplies. This meant that as people were becoming more and more isolated within their homes, we had a way of reaching out to them.

But perhaps our most innovative step was to create a dedicated telehealth service, Remote Access Audiology. This landmark achievement gave patients the power to request face-to-face appointments with one of our specialists from the comfort of their homes.

With free, no-obligation 15-minute consultations, we offered anyone who was concerned about a hearing issue the chance to find out more. Whereas, our existing patients automatically benefitted from this complimentary service.

Today, we’re continually looking at ways to innovate further, as we all adjust to the “new normal” conditions of life in West Texas. But most importantly, as we head into the next months, we’re prepared to stick by our community and work hard to help anyone who needs us.

These are just some of the stats we’ve clocked up since the start of the outbreak:

  • 12 consultations
  • 81 hearing aid adjustments
  • 44 remote assistance adjustments
  • 48 repairs delivered
  • 149 cleanings through curbside service
  • 54 packages of batteries were mailed
  • 276 wellness calls made
  • 152 cups of coffee

Do you require hearing support, or know someone else who might? Request a call-back or call direct, and a member of our team will get you the help you need today!

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Dr. Joycelin Lopez, Au.D., CCC-A

Dr. Joycelin grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. Initially, she earned a bachelor’s degree in linguistics from the state’s university. Then following graduation, she became a learning specialist, working with the hard of hearing. This experience sparked her curiosity in audiology. She returned to the University of Florida for graduate studies, where she gained her doctor of audiology degree. This education took her to North Carolina, where she completed an externship that focused on balance evaluations and central auditory processing. Her decision to move to Midland in late 2020 showcases her spirit of adventure. But also, it demonstrates her determination to find and assist people who can benefit from her professional expertise. Besides audiology, Dr. Joycelin has a passion for art, having taken classes all her life. Mostly, she works with watercolors, but she also has an interest in digital animation.

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