Nine Reasons to Choose All About Hearing


#1 - Doctor of Audiology

By choosing to partner with All About Hearing, you can be confident knowing that you’re being cared for by a highly experienced and advanced doctors of audiology, ensuring that your hearing is being cared for to the highest of standard.

#2 - "Part of the Family" Level of Care

The first thing that you’ll feel when you walk through our door is that you’re part of the family, from the way that you’re welcomed to the relationship you have with the team. We sometimes refer to it as “patients for life” – our focus is on long-term audiological care, not just your first fitting.

#3 - Caring For All Ages

From your youngest to your oldest – we care for the hearing health of all ages. Whether you’re on this website because you’re concerned about your hearing, or you’re concerned for your loved ones, regardless of your age – you’ll be with the team of audiological experts to help.

#4 - English, Spanish, and Arabic Spoken

If English isn’t your first language, you’ll be happy to know that our team also has the capabilities to speak fluent Spanish and Arabic.

#5 - Open for Late Appointments on Tuesdays

Appointments during working hours can be difficult. That’s why opening for late appointments every Tuesday is the ideal way to help our patients that have full-time working or caring commitments.

#6 - Helping You to Maximize Your Insurance Benefits

We often find that patients are unsure on specifically what their insurance benefits cover them for, which often results in benefits not being fully utilized. We work with you to help you to maximize your benefits by speaking to your insurance company on your behalf to ensure you can receive the highest level of hearing care.

#7 - Remote Access Audiology

All About Hearing is pleased to offer patients a teleaudiology servicewe call it Remote Access Audiology. Now, from your home, you can consult remotely with your audiologist using a video connection. It’s the easy, stressfree answer to audiological care.

#8 - Cochlear Implant Treatment

We have the capacity to offer patients advanced cochlear implant treatment. This remarkable surgical procedure can dramatically improve the lives of those with severetoprofound hearing loss. Whereas some hearing care centers only deal with amplification devices, our patients find this extra service a huge asset to their longterm hearing health.

#9 - Superb Hearing Care From Your Vehicle

You are the most important part of what happens at All About Hearing. For that reason, the team wants to prioritize your comfort wherever possible.

Curbside Appointments offer a fast, effective care solution in a contact-free environment. Specialists can offer them clean and checks, hearing aid repairs, and access to new supplies.

Simply drive up to the parking area in one of All About Hearing’s locations and a member of the team will be ready to greet you.

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My Life In Audiology – Dr. Sally Miranda’s Story

I don’t just practice audiology, I live it. What does this mean? Well, it started in the mid-1990s when my father’s eardrum ruptured during an airplane flight. He immediately could not hear, and we had to compensate by speaking to him on his “good” side or speaking more loudly. He had surgery to get it patched and all went back to “normal.” During this time, the hearing tests to determine the extent of the damage caused by the rupture revealed that he had a very high-pitched hearing loss. However, there was nothing that could be done about this. This taught me that although I could see a problem and a person knew they were having a problem, there was nothing available to help. The solution was often much worse than the problem because custom, hidden hearing aids only plugged up the good hearing and barely touched the area that was a problem.

Motivation Is Key

Next, in the early 2000s, my grandmother came to live with my parents. The audiologist in me quickly identified that she could not hear very well. With some convincing, I tested her hearing and found she indeed had a hearing loss. She was shocked and believed that I was wrong. In her mind, she could hear just fine. So, to prove my point, I fit her with hearing aids. Yes, she could hear better, but she refused to wear them because she could hear just fine. This taught me that the patient must be motivated to hear better.

Preservation Should Begin Early

In the mid-2000s, my children were finally of age to go to the movies. I never realized how loud movies are until I looked over at them and they were holding their ears. This makes it very hard to eat popcorn! I made them a pair of custom ear plugs, as standard foam plugs are difficult to wear and not as comfortable for small ears. The next movie was a totally different experience. Later, as they got older, they wore these custom ear plugs when they went hunting. This expanded my awareness about preserving hearing. It is never too early to wear hearing protection.

A Win For The Industry

Fast forward to 2007, finally, the technology was available to help my father! I fit him with a pair of open, receiver in the ear hearing aids and boy, what a difference. Now, he didn’t ask for repetition quite as much and conversations were much more pleasant. This was a huge win for the hearing industry, because many people, like my father, had normal hearing in the low pitches and poor hearing in the high frequencies. I quickly learned that I could now help people who were told they could not do anything for their hearing loss.

Next, my brother is complaining that my sister-in-law often misunderstands him. She holds a leadership position at her job, and it is important that she gets facts and figures correct. When I tested her hearing, I found she had an atypical hearing loss in one ear and normal hearing in the other. I recommended she see an ear, nose, and throat doctor because of the uncommon asymmetry. When she was medically cleared, I fit her with one hearing aid. She is now able to localize sounds better, has better hearing in noise and understands speech much more clearly. This experience reiterated that hearing loss is not an old person’s problem. It can affect anyone at any age, and if there is a solution for the problem, why would someone suffer in silence?

I Saved Her Life

Now, it’s late 2016 and my sister keeps complaining that her ear feels plugged up. I look in her ear and saw what appeared to be bubbles behind her ear drum. I knew what that meant, or so I thought. What I expected was a low pitched, treatable hearing loss as is common with people that have fluid in the middle ear, and what I found was completely normal hearing. So, I did a tympanogram, expecting to see a flat tracing, as is common with middle ear fluid, but what I got was a completely normal tracing. Things were not adding up. Her complaints and what I could see were not what was showing on the test. I immediately arranged for her to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor. She ended up having a cerebrospinal fluid leak and had to have a craniotomy to repair it. Wow, I saved her life!

Most recently, when I met my now husband 3 years ago, he was just about to be fit with his first pair of hearing aids. He had to turn his good ear to hear me and I had to speak up. He was never aware that he forgot to turn off his blinker, as he could not hear it. When he got the hearing aids, I remember him telling me that he couldn’t believe the wind made a sound. He was surprised that he was able to compensate for so long. He mentioned all the misconceptions, such as arrogance and rudeness, people had about him because he did not respond to them. He never even knew they were speaking to him.

It has been interesting to test out new technology in our everyday life. His favorite pieces of technology include the TV streamer that routes TV directly into his hearing aids and the remote microphone that I can wear in noisy restaurants or he can put in the middle of the table at meetings. And, yes, I too do some things I’m not supposed to like walk or turn away while speaking to him or ask him a question when he is in another part of the house.

I have first-hand experience in protecting hearing, detecting ear-related problems, treating hearing loss, and living with hearing loss. A hearing loss affects the entire family. I am sensitive to all aspects of hearing loss.

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