Apple announced the iOS14 at its annual Keynote on June 23rd. One of the features of this upgrade is the sound recognition capability. It could be particularly beneficial to those of us who have a hearing loss as it is programmed to listen on our behalf, to sounds in our immediate environments that we might miss.

These are everyday sounds of importance, such as a baby crying, our dogs barking, a knock at the door, or screaming. Our phone will pick up these sounds and send an alert prompt to our phones.

Tech giants such as Amazon and Google have used AI-based sound recognition in some of their devices. Predominantly as a safety feature, Amazon’s Alexa Gaurd detects the sound of alarms and broken glass, and Google’s microphone on Pixel phones detect a car crash and call emergency services.

It looks like Apple is following suit with its unique take on this technology to improve the lives of its users.

Sally Miranda AuD, CCC-A, Doctor of Audiology at All About Hearing, is impressed by the new features saying, “What a wonderful idea to have these features all in the palm of your hand. The best part about this is that it can be used in other places that a person may visit that do not have alerting systems.

Although it’s probably not 100% reliable, it can be a huge help in many different environments. I’m willing to bet more people have access to their phones than traditional alerting systems.

Many people who have an undiagnosed hearing loss may not be aware that they are missing sounds around them. This feature is a great tool to foster awareness. I really hope that people take advantage of this technology!”

More and more features are being introduced by large technology companies to support those in the hearing loss community, and it is not a moment too soon. For those of us who wear noise-canceling headphones daily, a sound recognition feature like this is superb. It ensures that even when listening to music, podcasts, videos, or taking a call, the alert system can make you aware of the sounds around you.

Even though Apple has said that this technology should not be used as a substitute for actual safety alerting systems, it is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. We at All About Hearing are excited to see the technology in action, helping our community to hear better with our Apple-shaped second ears.

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Dr. Sally Miranda

Dr. Sally Miranda

Dr. Miranda was the first doctor of audiology to qualify in Midland, TX, in 2000. She started her career working for a busy ENT practice but soon realized the pressurized environment wasn’t suitable for her, as she felt unable to give her patients the full care and attention she believed they deserved. In 2007, she founded All About Hearing. Since then, Dr. Miranda and her team have helped thousands of local people – from children to grandparents – to better care for their hearing health, through their “family approach” to patient care.