Meet Inas Al Rubaye

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Inas graduated from Baghdad Medical College in 2008.  She was an intern in audiology and speech therapy for 2 years.  Inas received her master’s in audiology in 2013.  She worked as an audiologist until she moved to the United States in 2016.

In the United States, she received her certification as a hearing conservationist (COHC), and then became licensed as an audiologist assistant in 2017.  She worked in Houston, TX as an audiology assistant, and then moved to Midland, TX where she volunteered at the emergency room at Midland Memorial Hospital (MMH).  Inas is currently in the process of becoming a licensed hearing instrument specialist. 

She married in 2008. Her husband was an interpreter for the US Army in Iraq.  The United States embassy moved them by a special immigration visa to the US.  Her husband is now a petroleum engineer with Schlumberger.  They have 2 children, Dima and Ahmed. 

Inas spends her time studying and caring for her two children.  In deciding to move to Midland, she and her husband felt that Midland’s diversity, economy, and family values would be optimal for raising their children  and are doing their best to get their family settled as well as involved in the community. Their interests and hobbies include activities for children, work, and family development. 


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