Hearing Aid Repairs


Many people rely on hearing aids to help them with their everyday lives and connect them with the people they love.

It can be extremely unnerving when they stop performing like they used to, and you are reminded just how much you have come to rely on your devices.  

That’s why we offer a bespoke Hearing Aid Repairs Service, allowing our specialist staff to help you with tricky technical repairs.

At All About Hearing, we promise an expert service, as our entire staff are trained in hearing aid problems and repairs.

We have built our knowledge and expertise over years of experience and are able to consider repairs for every manufacturer, make, and model.

As a result, we have a range of spare parts available in the office, meaning in many cases, we can repair your device, in house and have it back to you in no time at all. 

Dependent on the condition and the nature of the repair, our in-office service costs between $20 and $170.

If we have to send your hearing device to the manufacturer for further investigation and the device is out of warranty and less than 5 years old, the repair fee is $300, but if it is older than this, it can be $500.

We emphasize that this price includes a full evaluation and aims to educate you on what may be causing your issues, so you can take this knowledge into your own practiceYou can also check out our ‘Home Support Service’ section on this page. 

If you would like to book a hearing aid repair, simply complete the form on this page and one of our team will be in touch. 

The Repair Service

We know that you’ll want your hearing aids functioning perfectly as quickly as possible if you encounter a problem, you want to be without them for as little time as possible.

The good news is that our team has the right experience to get you fast, effective results if you run into a problem.

In most cases, we can quickly diagnose your hearing aid issue and then get them back to full working order.

Sometimes, when the device is completely broken we need to seek support from the manufacturers, we work with them to find a solution and get your device back to perfect working order.  The instruments will be sent either via Federal Express or UPS, in order to get them back to you as quickly as possible.  


The Loaner Service

One of the added advantages of letting our experts take care of your hearing aids is that we can offer you a loaner set of devices while you wait for the repairs.

The All About Hearing team are experienced when it comes to working with many makes and models of hearing devices, including ReSound, Phonak, Widex, Oticon, Starkey, Signia, Beltone and Miracle Ear.  This means we have a variety of loaner devices to hand and whilst we know the loaner set won’t be exactly the same as the device you know and love, we will be able to find a pair that matches your precise requirements.

As a result, when you come to All About Hearing for repairs, you won’t have to miss out on the sounds that are most important to you.

Schedule a Hearing Aid Repair

Do you need rapid hearing aid repairs? Contact the All About Hearing team now!

With trained experts on-site, we can give you the right support to solve your issues in a fast and effective manner.

Simply complete the form on this page, and we’ll call you shortly.

The Home Support Service

With a team of certified and/or licensed staff, we are passionate about providing key information to enable you to maintain your devices and fix common problems without leaving the comfort of your own home.  Within this section, you will find a number of videos designed to support you with common technology issues the team hears about on a regular basis as well as articles containing handy cleaning and maintenance advice. 

Please don’t hesitate to complete the form on this page or call our friendly team at (432) 689-2220 if you are still experiencing difficulties and we can book your device in for repair.