Helping you to achieve greater independence and a better lifestyle in spite of hearing difficulties is a priority for us at All About Hearing. Putting a smile on the faces of our Permian Basin patients brings us a special thrill and we love to be in on helping choose gifts that provide a little extra help with better hearing. I have put together a list of gift ideas about which you can subtly (or less than subtly) hint to your loved ones.

ReSound Multi Mic

Enjoying the buzz of conversation around a table packed with family and friends or dining out are simple pleasures for many people. However, a cluster of voices becomes confusing to hearing aids and often requires some extra TLC from tech support to help with voice clarity in such environments. The Resound Multi Mic helps to support and enhance conversational clarity in a crowded room where numerous conversations are taking place during business conferences or a presentation in an auditorium. The Multi Mic automatically switches to optimize the voice of multiple speakers and extends your listening range to up to 80 feet.

ReSound TV Streamer 2

Watching television with a hearing loss presents a wide variety of difficulties for everyone. Turning up the volume is the most common practice, but greater volume does not produce greater clarity, just frustration. Hearing aids provide a solution to volume issues and also help with some clarity. The ReSound TV Streamer provides an even better solution. With the Resound TV Streamer, you receive crystal-clear stereo sound directly from the television into your hearing aids from up to 22 feet away. Basically, your hearing aids become wireless headphones, providing you with all the benefits of greater clarity without adjusting the volume on your television set to a level that will drive your loved ones out of the room.

ReSound Phone Clip

Hearing loss and phone conversations are a major struggle for those with a hearing loss. Although hearing aids provide assistance, there are still some drawbacks when it comes to phone conversations. One solution to volume and clarity issues during phone calls comes from using the  ReSound Phone Clip. Bluetooth technology allows the Resound Phone Clip to stream phone conversations directly into your hearing aids, cancelling out background noises, and eliminating issues with volume and clarity.


In addition to those I have highlighted, there are a variety of apps available to help improve the volume and clarity directly to your hearing aids in a wide range of situations. These apps stream from either an Android or Apple type smartphone, allowing you to enhance sounds associated with the various activities you enjoy directly into your hearing aids. The suite of ReSound Apps makes it easy for hearing aid users to fine tune their hearing experience on the go as well as providing support for those who suffer from tinnitus. Check with the appropriate providers to learn what apps work with specific types of smartphones and hearing aid models to achieve the ideal fit.

The only gift for someone with a hearing loss, which is better than the gift of hearing, is that of hearing with greater clarity. Part of my commitment to my patients is enhancing their hearing experience and enriching their lifestyle using the latest technology. The All About Hearing team and I are always available to help provide advice, technical support, and encouragement aimed at producing better hearing and a greater quality of life. Contact us to learn about more gift ideas for individuals struggling with a hearing loss.

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Dr. Sally Miranda

Dr. Miranda was the first doctor of audiology to qualify in Midland, TX, in 2000. She started her career working for a busy ENT practice but soon realized the pressurized environment wasn’t suitable for her, as she felt unable to give her patients the full care and attention she believed they deserved. In 2007, she founded All About Hearing. Since then, Dr. Miranda and her team have helped thousands of local people – from children to grandparents – to better care for their hearing health, through their “family approach” to patient care.