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Let our expert Audiologists help with your Hearing Aid needs

Here’s the scenario: family and friends are visiting; everyone is chatting, joking, laughing, and enjoying the natural flow of conversation. Then, at the end of the punchline to a joke, everything is brought to an abrupt pause as you interrupt with, “What was that?”

This scenario is familiar to countless people suffering with hearing loss. It seems like the times you need your hearing the most are the times you struggle the most – and unfortunately, this leads many people to avoid social situations altogether.

But there is a way to get back into the conversation, to be reconnected with family and friends, to hear every story, to catch every punchline. At All About Hearing, Inc., we can guide you on this path to the active, connected life you deserve to recover. Our hearing care experts will work with you to find the optimal hearing solution based on your budget, lifestyle, and hearing loss characteristics – so that you’ll never miss a punchline again.

The Easy Path to Better Hearing

We’ve made the path to better hearing as easy for you as possible. Start enjoying the sounds of life again in 3 simple steps:

  1. Call (432) 689-2220 to schedule a no-obligation hearing evaluation, where our experts will precisely measure your hearing loss.
  2. Discuss the best treatments for your specific hearing loss.
  3. Get custom fitted with a hearing aid that best fits you and your situation.

5 Reasons to make All about Hearing your Hearing Partner

  1. The Process – We’ve designed the process to be as easy as possible for you; call for an appointment, get tested, discuss the treatment options, and start hearing better!
  2. Value – We offer the full range of hearing aid products from multiple manufacturers at affordable prices, ensuring that your hearing aid meets all of your criteria in terms of price, style, and features.
  3. Service – Our established, customer-service-oriented hearing aid professionals will become your personal hearing partner. We will work with you to customize the optimal hearing solution to fit your specific hearing loss and lifestyle.
  4. Guidance – There are hundreds of hearing aids available, each with special fitting and programming considerations. Our experts will leverage their experience and expertise to help you find the perfect hearing aid.
  5. Reputation – All About Hearing, Inc. is locally owned by Dr. Sally (Celia) Rand. Dr. Rand has worked with many of the local ENT doctors in the Midland area, and was the first Doctor of Audiology in the Permian Basin.

Call 432-614-9525 to schedule an appointment today